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The content in these pages is mostly up-to-date, which can spoil major plot points. Read at your own risk.

We have three main characters in Changeling: The Streaming:

Braum, played by Scott Humphrey

Patches, played by Kate Hagemeyer

Sophia, played by Elizabeth Neale

There are many non-player characters in Changeling: The Streaming, listed below:

Canadian Kithain:

Denizens of The Spark

Inhabitants of Heart's Light

Other Montrealers

Freeholders of Chateau Frontenac

Other Quebec City Folk

Denizens of the Grand Bes Din

Those from the Sight of the East

American Kithain:

Residents of Homefires

Inhabitants of Tara Nar

Freeholders of the Sapphire Eye

Other Kithain:

Members of the Crystal Circle

Other NPCs

Gone, but not Forgotten






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