RPGClinic is a tabletop roleplaying game channel where we focus on story and player experience while working in teaching moments for game systems while playing. We also make an effort to interact with the audience during and between streams, be it during our start-of-stream chats or via Twitter or Discord.

An RPGClinic campaign promises committed storytelling and performances, professional tech, dynamic overlays, and info boxes to keep the system accessible to new viewers. Games swing between comedy and drama at the drop of a hat. There will be laughter. There will be tears. There will definitely be double-entendres.

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RPGClinic originated as a talk show where Jon would field viewers' questions about their own tabletop and live-action role playing games, now renamed Clinic Hours. Now the name has expanded to encompass all of our roleplay-related streams on Twitch.

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Logo and other RPGClinic art elements designed by the stellar Angelina Doherty

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